Haircut + Blow-dry / Cắt tóc + Gội đầu

Women's Haircut / Cắt tóc nữ

Our service includes a soothing hair wash, precise haircut, and professional blow-dry for the ultimate hair makeover.

250.000 VND

Hairwash + Blow Dry & Styling / Gội đầu, sấy tóc, tạo kiểu

Indulge in our Hairwash + Blow Dry & Styling service. Begin with a refreshing wash, followed by a professional blow dry, and finish with personalized styling.

80.000 VND

Men's Haircut / Cắt Tóc Nam

Discover the perfect men's haircut at SQC Hair. Our service includes a refreshing hair wash, expertly tailored cut, and finishing styling.

100.000 VND

Perm & Straightening/ Uốn & Duỗi

Women's Hair Cold Perm / Uốn Lạnh Tóc Nữ

Transform your look with our Women's Hair Cold Perm at SQC Hair. Our skilled stylists utilize precise techniques to create beautiful, lasting curls that suit your personal style.

From 500.000 VND

Women's Hair Digital Perm / Uốn Digital Tóc Nữ

Indulge in the art of curling with our Women's Hair Digital Perm at SQC Hair. Utilizing advanced technology, our expert stylists create luxurious, natural-looking curls tailored to your preferences.

FROM 700.000 VND

Women's Hair Straightening / Duỗi Tóc Nữ

Our skilled stylists use state-of-the-art techniques to deliver a smooth, frizz-free finish that enhances your natural beauty.

FROM 500.000 VND

Hair Treatment / Phục hồi

Japanese Hair Moisture Treatment Milbon / Phục Hồi Tóc Nhật Bản Milbon

Suitable for all hair types, it repairs damage and nourishes from within, leaving your hair feeling silky and looking lustrous. Experience the transformative power of Milbon at SQC today!

FROM 500.000 VND

Hair Keratin Treatment / Phục Hồi Keratin

Revitalize your hair with SQC Hair's Keratin Treatment. Restore shine and manageability, banishing frizz for silky smooth locks.

FROM 600.000 VND

Olaplex Treatment / Phục Hồi Olaplex

Elevate your hair with SQC Hair's Olaplex Treatment. Strengthen and rejuvenate, transforming hair into strong, vibrant locks. Revitalize damaged hair with ease.

FROM 800.000 VND

Collagen Treatment / Phục Hồi Collagen

Invigorate your hair with SQC Hair's Collagen Treatment. Fortify and hydrate, transforming your hair into a picture of health and radiance. Embrace the essence of youthful vitality.

FROM 300.000 VND

Hair Coloring / Nhuộm Tóc

Women's Hair Coloring / Nhuộm Tóc Nữ

Embrace a fresh, vibrant look with Women's Hair Coloring at SQC Hair. Our experienced stylists masterfully apply your chosen color, ensuring a flawless finish that complements your style and personality.

From 500.000 VND

Men's Hair Coloring / Nhuộm Tóc Nam

Whether it's for a subtle change or a bold statement, our professional service delivers the perfect shade to complement your individuality and style.

From 400.000 VND

Artistic Hair Coloring / Nhuộm Tóc Nghệ Thuật

Nhuộm Ombre/Sombre

Transition seamlessly from dark to light, or enjoy subtle shifts with our expertly crafted gradients. Perfect for a fresh, dynamic look!

From 2.500.000 VND

Nhuộm Balayage

Hand-painted highlights create a bespoke, effortlessly chic style. Ideal for a radiant, personalized touch.

From 2.500.000 VND

Nhuộm Highlight/Lowlight/Babylight

Achieve depth, contrast, or delicate enhancement. Tailored to highlight your unique beauty.

From 2.500.000 VND

Student Discount / Giá HSSV

Cắt Tóc Nữ - SV

120.000 VND

Cắt Tóc Nam - SV

80.000 VND

Cắt Tóc Trẻ Em

50.000 VND


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